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Choose Your Own Adventure Artist Statement

For my, choose your own adventure project I decided to make a concert poster for the band Nine Inch Nails. I got this idea since I am actually going to their concert on Saturday and it was the only thing that came to mind since my mindset is in the weekend. If I had more than a day to complete this assignment I may have thought of a better topic for my project or at least a more planned out and better looking layout.

To create my finished product I combined different pictures and information that advertised the coming attraction. I put main bands logo, of course, near the top and the band that was opening on there first of all. I also put down information like when and where the show takes place, I put typed words in red so they would stand out and I put the logo for the US Bank Arena since that is where it is taking place. Since I was crunched for time I mainly got images from the Internet, for example a picture of the singer for NIN and the opening band, Moving Units, CD cover. I also got the main bands CD cover to advertise the tour for their new CD in the background.

In Photoshop I used tools like the magnetic lasso to get the images I wanted and cut them out appropriately. I also changed the opacity so the images may flow together a bit more and so they looked like one image. Lastly I changed filters on some of the pictures I used, like the NIN logo so it wasn’t exactly what I got off the internet. Basically I didn’t like how this project turned out, I thought it would have looked a little better than it did. It is a wonder that I even thought of something in one day and even got a “project” done but I’m glad I am finished.

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Mousepad Artist Statement

The artist I chose to portray in my mousepad was the English painter Francis Bacon. I chose this artist mainly because the other artists I was considering were already taken, but looking through Bacon’s work caught my eye. I liked how morbid his artwork was even though they were abstracted paintings. His bizarre figures in his paintings are gloomy, but they are a different style than most artists and undoubtedly original, which is what got him famous and made him a true artist. Francis Bacon uses Expressionism in his artwork all done with paint to show the evils of man rather than the virtues of Christ. Some of his better-known pieces of artwork are the Three Studies for Figures at the Base of Crucifixion and Pope Innocent X, which is a reworked version of Diego Velázquez’s painting, Innocent X.

The mousepad is a collection of figures and images from his paintings I liked the most. The background image I used was his painting Man with Dog, I used this because it was one of his less complex paintings but still brought about the same gloomy, dark feel. I thought this background would set some good grounds to layer other artwork of his without things looking too cluttered. For the other images I took what I liked best from a couple of his pieces and collaged them together. My favorite image is probably the one on the far right from the third painting of the Three Studies for Figures at the Base of Crucifixion. I think it is almost looking at the insides of some creature; I like the colors and the different shapes that bring it together as a whole, but you’re still not quite sure what it is. Overall I liked this project, it was an opportunity to explore an artist that you haven’t really looked into. I liked trying to find different works and piecing them together to make one piece of artwork; with elements I liked most from each.

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Vector Artist Statement

The picture I decided to use to turn into a vector is just an image of me sitting down. All of the colors in the piece are ordinary everyday colors and I am dressed how I would be normally. In the background of my piece there are some stars connected to spider webs, I drew out what I have of the background on the illustrator program. There is not too much going on in the background but then again I am not quite finished yet so there may be more going on once I am done with the image of myself. By vectoring my image the colors are a little chunkier rather than flowing into each other neatly but it still comes together to look like me as a whole. I am probably going to only have the piece go down to my shoulders and then I will enlarge it. Throughout the vector image I used mostly the pencil tool, outlining all of my features with the pen for the mouse pad. I also used the pen tool for areas that needed to be more exact, like the outline, so I didn’t end up lumpy.

There isn’t too much meaning in the position I chose for my picture. My facial expression is pretty blank, just my calm everyday expression when I’m not feeling down or upbeat, just awake! I guess it is just a good way of depicting my feelings for being up earlier in the morning, I’m not really feeling anything I am just awake. My background is more expressive than the vector portrait; this picture could be a representation of how different a person can be beyond the appearance. I wanted my piece to not show an expression but just how things look in everyday life. This piece is just anything you may perceive it to be there is not a set meaning.

Everyone’s vector drawing was done differently which makes each uniquely his or hers. My piece was a bit more in depth than some of the others but certainly not exact like some I’ve seen. Not everything in my piece was traced pixel by pixel; I outlined some of the more noticeable transitions of color. Though mine is not exact it is very time consuming. Tracing around every bit of color and then going over each blank spot in-between after you are done with a section takes up a lot of time; I am feeling that one. Also that I wanted some sort of background that made myself didn’t help the process move any faster. My technique allows you to realize it is a portrait of myself even though it is just many blobs of color meshed together.

I like the overall look of my piece but I don’t think I would do it the same way if I had to do this project again. My idea in the first place was to make mine look a little more like a sketch or just not as defined as it turned out to be. I wanted it to have its simple and detailed parts, but my whole piece turned out to be detailed. Right when I began this project I led myself into the opposite direction, which had me do a lot of hectic details. I am not good with taking pictures whatsoever so I think that brought me in at a bad start, my position is interesting enough compared to others I’ve seen to go really crazy with this project. I believe my piece will look good when its finished, that is if it ever does, and its looks good as of now, but seeing pieces of the other classmates I wish I would have thought to take a different approach.

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artist statement

Ex Libris
For the ex libris project I decided to work with art deco rather than art nouveau. Art deco seemed to come easier to me; I was able to think up more ideas than I could for art nouveau. At first I was making my sketches a little to complex for the project; I always tend to do that in my drawings until I realize it is way to much to include in a piece of artwork. Finally I came to a design that was simple but looked nice and it was something that I liked. While making my design on the computer I did change a couple things from the sketch that were way to hard to accomplish or just didn’t seem to fit the piece as I went on with it. I had to do some experimenting with the colors and different lines and letters.

The design I chose was a rising sun with the rays coming from the middle. The text has elements of art deco with the use of lines, no real curves in the letters just traditional lettering you would see anywhere. I also have another color overtop of the words to look like some sort of shadow. The rest of the piece has inspiration from art deco with the rigid rays kind of like stripes coming from the sun; the whole piece is a lot of geometric shapes put together. For the color I used lighter pastels with a couple darks. I used a dark grey for every other ray so they would stand out but overall go with the piece and just plain black and white for the letters so they pop out a bit more than the rays and so they don’t blend in with the background at all. In the middle of the “sun” I used purple with orange blended into it and had blue coming from a couple of the rays. I think this combination of colors turned out a little nicer than the plain lime green and black. It doesn’t kill your eyes and now it has a little more value with more than two colors

Overall I did like this project, it allowed me to explore different techniques to strengthen my understanding of the illustrator program. I will admit the rising sun is a popular choice and it’s been done before but working in illustrator it allowed me to combine colors and my own text to make it uniquely mine.

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By cutting out of construction paper I made a piece which shows two elements and one principle just by placing shapes a certain way and carefully picking out colors. The two elements that were chosen for me where color and value while my principle was balance. There is movement within the piece with the circles leading you in and out. With the cool colored background and the warm colored circles it keeps your eye on top of the piece.

I achieved my principle; balance, by not making any side to heavy. Everything is evened out with a good amount of circles everywhere; they are not to cluttered or to spaced out, they’re pretty proportional. The circles also go from big to small and space out more and more on each side of the piece. The piece is balanced in the background as well; all of the lines are going in the same direction and in the upper left and the lower right the lines are smaller while the ones in the middle are bigger. Balance is also shown through color and value which is what I will explain with the elements.

Color is self explanatory; the whole piece is in color. The circles and the lines are complimentary colors so the circles seem to pop out and draw your attention to them. Value is made with color, for the background I just used different tints and shades of blue. The blue goes from light to dark, dark to light for an in and out kind of effect which is a form of balance. As the circles go from big to small the colors gradually change in value. Overall I think the piece has a good overall feel to it and does a good job of depicting my principle and elements and a good sense of movement.


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